Happy Individual Clients


— 1:1 Client for 6+ months

— 1:1 Client for 3 months


— 1:1 One-time session


— Group Coaching 3 months & 1:1 Client


— 1:1 Client for 3 months


— 1:1 One-time session

“Virginia is like a breath of fresh air mixed with deep wisdom and understanding. My coaching sessions with her were extremely helpful as I was feeling pretty stuck and needed support to move some blocks, creatively as well as in relationships.

She has an amazing ability to help you think outside the box of your own limitations and get clear about what you truly want.”


— Christina Pearce Mindfulness Expert

“Virginia has been so helpful for my small business. She helped me build my insight on how to confidently approach and maintain business relationships. She is very inspiring and energetic!”


— Rhina Etienne

Founder of A Little Room To Grow and Montessori School Teacher

Happy Corporate Clients

"Virginia's workshop for our employees on Inspiring Connectedness, Unity and Trust was absolutely life altering. She enlightened us with a clearer understanding of mindset and how influential it can be to the decisions we make and the experiences we have in all aspects of our lives. I truly believe that this workshop can help everyone to develop their self-awareness and support them on their individual journeys professionally, personally and even spiritually depending on the person. I would highly recommend Virginia's workshop on this topic to anyone and everyone."


- Jazmin Gonzalez 

Administrative Services Director at the Town of Cutler Bay - Service provided 2017 and 2018

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“On June 13th, Virginia led the last workshop for our Empowering Resilient Women program in Overtown. Virginia's insight and contributions were very relevant to our empowerment theme, as well as the topics that we had discussed throughout the entire 4 sessions. What she shared was well received by the participants, because they could all relate to the content; but more importantly, because she incorporated some hands-on activities that allowed them to put into practice what they were learning. Not only did we enjoy the workshop itself but Virginia was a pleasure to work with from the beginning. I look forward to having the opportunity to collaborate again in the near future and bring her work to other vulnerable neighborhoods. Becoming better communicators is a skill we can all benefit from and Virginia has a gift in helping us understand how.”

- Olivia Collins

Program Manager and Outreach coordinator at The Cleo Institute

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“The MillionHeiress Club is a Social Platform for ambitious Women of Color in the South Florida area. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the women in our communities with a sisterhood that provides support, motivation and resources to help them accomplish both personal and professional goals. We host monthly “Dream Builder’s Workshops” to help enhance and grow our Sister’s Professional Development Skills and Career Goals. For the past 2 years, Ms. Jimenez has been a vital part of our sisterhood as a Guest Speaker for our Annual “The Power of Body Language for Women in Business” Workshop. She was such a tremendous resource and inspiration during her first presentation with our organization, that we invited her to become a Business Affiliate with us during the following year. Ms. Jimenez hosted her 2nd workshop with us this year; and again provided a wonderful presentation on the power of Body Language for Career Driven Women. Her content is always unique and relatable. It is always ranked as one of the top 3 workshop’s each year among our Sisters. We cannot wait to see what she delivers for us next year. She is always professional, reliable and full of energy!”

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-Michele Liberis-McNabb,

President of The MillionHeiress Club

Served this women organization in 2015, 2016, 2017

“You did a great job with the class! Whenever I see other presenters, I try to watch the room to see who's doing what, who's following, nodding, etc. It was nice to see them smiling when you smiled (which is nearly all the time), following you, nodding when you did, etc. They definitely were engaged which is not always easy for a group of instructors. I commented later to our program director that I wish you taught for us! I also received very positive feedback from a few of the attendees saying they were already applying your techniques in their own classes. Thank you again.”


- John Greer 

Founder of Gold Coast Schools - 2016