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It's hard to reach a blurred target and what's needed to achieve it. That's why I'm helping people get clear understanding of their needs, direction, focus and plan in this 2-hour Jumpstart session.  By the end of our session you will also be able to create a realistic plan and take micro-steps to your macro outcome in your business or personal life.

For the last 6 years, I've set clear intentions taken action, and transformed my lifestyle, career, & love life. I'd love to help you benefit from my experience and assist you in creating the decisive intentions and maintaining laser-like focus so you too can live the life you envision.  

Set up your Jumpstart session today.  Normally it is $250 value. for $147.

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Virginia has been so helpful for my small business. She helped me build my insight on how to confidently approach and maintain business relationships. She is very inspiring and energetic!

Rhina Etienne - Montessori Teacher & Founder of A Little Room to Grow

Virginia is like a breath of fresh air mixed with deep wisdom and understanding. My coaching sessions with her were extremely helpful as I was feeling pretty stuck and needed support to move some blocks, creatively as well as in relationships. She has an amazing ability to help you think outside the box of your own limitations and get clear about what you truly want. I recommend her to anyone who needs a boost in their life and needs some support to get back on track with their goals. Thank you so much Virginia!

Christina Pearce - ind Body Coach, Speaker andGuided Meditation Expert

" Virginia has a way of digging deeper to ask the practical questions that I needed to achieve the results I was looking for. She was patient with me, and professional through the entire process. Virginia genuinely cares , which frankly is a rarity these days. I would highly recommend her to any organization that has a desire to advance to the next level. I must also add that Virginia evidently knows the value of quick response to her clients. Which is very important to me!"

Gerod Farmer - President of GF Business Consulting



Glimpse of Coaching Services

for professionals, small business owners, their employees & solo-entrepreneurs. 

Wellness & Employee Supportive Programs

If you're a business struggle with employee retention and/or performance decline, is performing good but would like it to be more effective and improve productivity, this is for you.  Let's connect to create a solution-based training and coaching program for your team.  Click below to schedule a call or learn more about creating a training specific to your organizations and teams needs.

Featured video intro training on Networking and branding around Trust.

Communication & Leadership Coaching

Want to tackle some of the obstacles you encounter as a leader? Or are you an employee that is juggling many tasks and feeling like you want to gain your balance, find ways to transition to new positions? Take a lead in creating successful moments in your career. Schedule a call today!


Transformational Coaching

Take all the information you've gathered from all the seminars, books and courses you've ever been inspired by.  Uncover blind spots that hold you from taking the actions to create lasting change in your life.


For the last 20 years, I’ve been focused on helping organizations, business owners and individuals overcome obstacles, create new opportunities and shift perspectives to arrive to the ultimate outcome desired.  I'm committed to my mission of inspiring change, growth and transformation in the areas of business development, interpersonal growth, personal relationships, and financial wellbeing. 

I hold a bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance from Florida International University (2007). I am a Landmark Forum graduate, two-time Tony Robbins UPW graduate and fire walker. I’m a certified Body Language Coach. I participated in Robbin-Maddens Strategic Intervention and Gottman Relationship Training Level 1. I have a combined of over 15 years in managing projects, business endeavors and leading teams and helping decision makers explore new ways of doing business, and helping individuals that feel uncertain gain clarity and strategic methods to improving their relationships and more.

Join me in towards making a move towards powerful and prosperous life choices, mental freedom and intentional action.