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Three Things to keep in mind to Heal after Heartbreak

Hey there!

I created this online event because a meetup I created called Healing Hearts in Miami, and what's come from this has been adding a sense of hope and insight to those that attend. If you may know someone that could use hope, inspiration and some science-based techniques to move forward, meet new people after heartbreak and embrace love again.

In this presentation, I will share what's helped me heal after heartbreak, date again and create new relationships with myself and others. It took 8-9 years for me, but it doesn't have to take that long for you.

Those that attend will learn 3 main things and some tools to Heal after Heartbreak & embrace love in their lives again. My goal is that you gain a tool or two that you can use to become free to make changes in your life.

While I have my own story behind this, our time together will be to focus on providing insight and science-based information that helped me heal after heartbreak as well as a list of resources I used.

Questions will be answered at the end.

Share with someone you know that could use this kind of inspiration. RSVP with the link below.