How morning rituals helped me during healing

How morning rituals helped me during healing

Back when I was overcoming the thought of loss and betrayal, one of the things that really supported me and shifting my state of being was my morning rituals.  I remember when I first experienced the breakup, I felt unenergized.  It felt like I had to put in extra work to make it out of bed and throughout the day.

One night I was crying frustrated with this feeling of being down.  I was starting to feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired (yes.. I was done with staying in a low vibratory state!).  I decided the next morning I'd get up a little earlier and work out.  I thought of something I can do in the house so that I didn't have to leave (especially since I was single with two young boys ages 3 and 6 back then).

So I decided to do traveling lunges, squats, planks, and some sit-ups... I did 3 sets of 15 each set.  Sometimes I'd put the headphones on and dance.

This didn't change the circumstance... but it did change my mood and my state of being.  It supported me feeling more energy.

That was just the beginning.  I added several other options in the morning and soon enough I was waking up at 5-5:30 am just to get deeper into my morning practice.

This is just a tool, but it's a powerful one.  It's one that can shift how you begin to feel first thing in the morning. And you don't have to use exercise or a workout.  You can keep it really simple.  Here are some suggestions:

* While in bed still take 4-second count breath in and 4 seconds out.  Imagine waking up part of your body to get up

* Do HIIT Training

* Read one chapter from a book you've been wanting to finish

* Freestyle write in your journal (some ideas to start the entry are Thank you ...  I am... Today is a good day to...

* Go for a walk

* Create a Playlist that uplifts you and listen to it first thing in the morning

* Meditate and/or Listen to meditative music

* Commit to a workout routine with someone

* Watch a motivational video

* Blast out of bed and jump up and down

* Write a 5-minute journal prompt (for an example of one, visit my resource page at


These are just some ideas for you.  I currently am doing a morning routine of doing a walk and listening to audio that supports this phase of my life.  I'd love to hear from you on what you do, and if you've been thinking of beginning a morning routine, share with us.  We can connect at FB Group Brave Hearts Healing where we can support one another.  Here's the link:


Onward and upward,