The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act

Last week’s panel discussion on The Balancing Act was amazing. I felt #grateful to have connected to amazing women, both on the panel and in the audience. I felt grateful for the support of my partner, my sisters, and my sons. I felt #grateful to God.

Balancing is more than an act of finding equilibrium. It’s more like Balancing while wearing heels and dancing Tango. You’re Balancing to try not to fall flat. In tango, the women usually moves backwards, and should do so with grace. The graceful woman senses a force outside of her that nudges the next move to make.

Like the Godly whispers that show up as a friend calling you on a day you needed to hear from them, or following that gut feeling that leads to opportunities to produce in your business.

The Balancing Act is about listening for nudges of wisdom, and harmonizing our moves in life to that melody. How are we doing with that today? What is being nudged for you to address and pay attention to? What distraction may you need to pay less mind to in order to hear the call that leads to mastering the dance in life?

With much love,

Your Transformational Love Coach… Virginia