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Do you fear getting back out there to date, meet new people, or simply have micro-moments with others because you’ve experienced distrust, self-doubt and have felt heartbroken? Have you built walls to keep yourself safe from getting hurt, and the same walls that were meant to keep you safe are keeping you from meeting new people, or having deeper connections with new people, and deep-down inside you yearn to connect but don’t know where to begin, how to trust others and even yourself?

If you can relate to some of what I just shared, then you’re in the right place.

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My name is Virginia, and over 8 years ago I experienced the above pain, doubt and even cynicism around relationships as a result of a traumatic break-up that as a result of a double betrayal. Before the event that changed my life, I felt very confident and truly was a goal-getter. But after finding out my then partner was unfaithful, I began to doubt myself, and was afraid of ever feeling shame and hurt again. The emotions were very consuming, and I would think I’ll always be single and that those in relationships are careless, until one day I recognized that I really didn’t want to be single or disconnected. I desired connections and love, and I deserved it, but how what and where would I begin.

Through the years I’ve hired coaches, attended seminars, and did A LOT of personal development work on myself where I finally reached the point of feeling and owning my completeness again. I felt brave enough to take the leap to connect with others, and getting back to having a relationship with the Highest force of Love.

To support people in also accessing fulfillment in love, I’ve created Love Camp Seminar Series. This is the first time it’s being offered online. Typically it’s $397 per month, but I’m offering it with 2 months FREE especially since this is a pilot program being launched online for the first time. Below are more details.

Love Camp for Women: Take New Vows for Relationship Fulfillment

Love Camp Seminar Online on exploring our personal relationship playbook, lets us rewrite it intentionally for greater fulfillment in love and life.

Duration: 12 weeks each Monday 8pm from May 20 to Aug 5 2019

Topics that empowerment to have fulfilling relationships

  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  • Power of Choice

  • Communication

  • Relationship building skills

  • Honoring Your Divine Qualities

  • Knowledge for Dating and Loving

  • Mindfulness

Video Conference call via Zoom

30-45 minute class recorded

45-minutes of conversations and laser focus coaching opportunities

Limited seats to keep the course small


POssible outcomes

Discovering Limiting Beliefs: Exploring the construct of our beliefs and the impact it has a readiness to allow love and fulfilling relationship to occur

Taking Self-vows: Ever found how easy it is for someone to take a vow for someone else, and still not for themselves? This is all about understanding what one stands by and for in life.  Importantly is what they will stand for themselves and honor for themselves

Trusting ourselves. Trusting others: The purpose of this section is to strengthen the ability to discern, to trust our intuition a bit, and to address moments of distrust.

Communication & Connections to Embrace Love: Knowledge on communication, love and connection is shared

Outcome: Feel more confident stepping forward towards relationships & Be ready for a relationship when it comes to you!


Two Steps to Enrolling:

  1. Payment using Enroll Now link below

  2. Completing a form that supports getting to know you and what you’re seeking to achieve (will appear after payment or you can access it here)

Photo Credit Moment77

Photo Credit Moment77

Client Love from Love Camp Intro Workshops

"It was great to connect with like-minded women with a growth mindset." - Rachel P

"Inspiration! Virginia and the group inspired me to continue doing the work."

"I very much appreciate this experience. The philosophy of "Healing Hearts" is so valuable and relevant to my life."

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How do I enroll?

Journey to experience Love Camp Begins with an initial call to make sure this is a fit for them.

If you know you’re ready to go deep, rewrite your relationship playbook and make new commitments to yourself, click the Enroll Now below.