Are your employees productivity costing you time and money?

 How much of your time can you dedicate to coach your employees to high-performance executive and leadership skills?

What if an outside perspective were the resource for your clients to unleash their best assets to perform at their very best in work and life at their best?

Contact me today to explore Small Business Employee Wellness Approach.  


Starts with evaluating wealth blocker: What's holding the organization's progress to meet it's mission?

Assessment done to create a plan to train and coach leaders and employees

Benefits may include: 

  • Increase your sales potential
  • Leadership Development and increased executive functions skills
  • Effective communication
  • The art of navigating conversations 
  • Skills to improve discernment with deception detection training


  • Small businesses with limited HR Leadership

  • Entrepreneurs & Professional Consultants 

  • Corporate Employees who want a seat at the C-Suite

  • Accepting new leadership roles in your organization


What Professional Organizations Say

“The MillionHeiress Club is a Social Platform for ambitious Women of Color in the South Florida area. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the women in our communities with a sisterhood that provides support, motivation and resources to help them accomplish both personal and professional goals. We host monthly “Dream Builder’s Workshops” to help enhance and grow our Sister’s Professional Development Skills and Career Goals. For the past 2 years, Ms. Jimenez has been a vital part of our sisterhood as a Guest Speaker for our Annual “The Power of Body Language for Women in Business” Workshop. She was such a tremendous resource and inspiration during her first presentation with our organization, that we invited her to become a Business Affiliate with us during the following year. Ms. Jimenez hosted her 2nd workshop with us this year; and again provided a wonderful presentation on the power of Body Language for Career Driven Women. Her content is always unique and relatable. It is always ranked as one of the top 3 workshop’s each year among our Sisters. We cannot wait to see what she delivers for us next year. She is always professional, reliable and full of energy!”

-Michele Liberis-McNabb, President of The MillionHeiress Club - 2015, 2016, 2017

“You did a great job with the class! Whenever I see other presenters, I try to watch the room to see who's doing what, who's following, nodding, etc. It was nice to see them smiling when you smiled (which is nearly all the time), following you, nodding when you did, etc. They definitely were engaged which is not always easy for a group of instructors. I commented later to our program director that I wish you taught for us! I also received very positive feedback from a few of the attendees saying they were already applying your techniques in their own classes. Thank you again.”

 John Greer Founder of Gold Coast Schools - 2016