Lead Your Life. Live Extraordinarily.

Sometimes I feel the majority of advice provided is geared towards accomplishing certifications versus accomplishing the process of attaining the certification. This advice may come from family and friends that love you and want the best for you. It might sound like "You're getting a bachelor in business with a major in finance!!! That's what you need. You are great at math and you'll make lots of money in finance."


Meanwhile your strengths lie undeveloped in areas unrelated to finance but you follow "wise" advice. You go with it because it sounds like a good and safe idea. You find yourself super occupied on just getting to the end because the process isn't really what you like although you're good at it.


The process becomes an overly emphasized means to the end. You live in the future of finishing instead of finding ways to relish the journey in the present. It's hard to enjoy the journey  when you are working on a certification that isn't so fulfilling.


Life isn't about making it to the end with a paper in hand. Life is about the experience attained in the process (at least it is for me!).


I learned this the hard way, but would hate for you to do the same. Learn what you'd love to learn and create your life, because it doesn't matter how many papers you stack and frame to add to your wall. If each day is just a means to an end then when are you living?