Your 20-Second First Impression Make-over

There are about 1,000 wakeful minutes where we all have a choice on how we influence our day.  We can decide how we show up in our relationships, at the organizations that we work with and how we show up for ourselves.  Being able to make choices every single day is a great amount of power wouldn't you agree?!

The other day I met the director of a local business who shared with me a recent project she's been working on and was seeking collaborators.  A friend of her's recommended she meet her colleague Mike.  She felt there would be a match and a partnership can form for this new project.  With excitement, they arranged to meet at a Starbucks.

She walked in looking around the room and spotted someone sitting alone at a table.  Their arms and legs were crossed and their body was hunched over their phone.  At first glance, she didn't think this would be the person that was recommended, but there weren't many others around so she asked, "Hi. Are you Mike?".  He looked up and said "Yes." and looked back down for several seconds.  Immediately she felt this may not be a match, but sat down and began a conversation with him.  He continued to slouch over just slightly in his seat.  In the end, she didn't' feel there was a sense of synergy.  After our conversation about the impact of body language, she felt it was her first impression of him that influenced her decision despite his level of knowledge.

Your first impression can influence the outcome of your prospective job, presentation, sales pitch and even that first date in personal situations.  Here's a quick 20-second first impression make-over sheet for you to keep in mind:


And these 20-seconds can become a new habit that builds your presence, confidence and helps you becoming successful at making new connections for business, love and life.

So, the question now is how are you showing up in life each day?

Would love to hear from you in the comments!