Sometimes you've gotta go backwards to move forward

Sometimes you've gotta go backwards to move forward

Let me explain. Imagine you're driving and looking for directions to an unknown place. It feels like you're going in circles. You pass a mango tree several times and then you see some signs that indicate you've gone too far. Now you have to reverse to take a different street. Can you recall a time this has happened to you? It's the result of learning a new way or when something is still an unknown routine or habit. The unfamiliarity takes you back some steps, and especially if you're an entrepreneur!! But do not give up!!

Consider embracing a growth mindset.  Be patient with the process. Just go back, explore a new approach and then keep moving forward!!


This entry was inspired by the empowering woman Nely Galan and her new book 'Self-Made: Becoming empowered, self-reliant and rich in every way.'

 "I'm going to a higher place...have to humble myself, and go backward in order to move forward." - Nely Galan on When Fear takes you to a Higher Place

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