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Brickell Personnel Consultants, Inc. 

Brickell Personnel Consultants, Inc. (BPC) is a boutique HR and recruiting consulting company that's been helping companies save time in searching for qualified candidates since 1979.

We are a contingency based firm; so, if you interview and meet with any of our candidates there is no fee charged unless you make a hire and they stay!

BPC has served the below-mentioned industries:

* Finance & Banking (Int'l & Domestic Banking, Wealth Management, Financial Advising, Accounting, Private and Commercial Banking, Mortgage Lender, Insurance, Real Estate Banking)

* Professional Service Industries (HR, Administrative, Office Support)

* Information Technology (Software Engineers, Developers, Network Support)

* Engineer/Construction (Project Managers, and other operational roles)

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Helpful Video on the Importance of Trust when Looking for Business Growth

First Impressions can impact your ability to gain new opportunities. How well are you communicating you can be trusted when you seek new opportunities?

Check this video on Business at the Speed of Trust.

Leadership Workshop Series

  • Relationship Building - Inspiring Unity, Connectedness and Trust (Signature workshop 3-4 hours)
  • Leadership and Business Growth
    • Business at the speed of Trust - What you don’t know about Trust that is costing your business; 
    • Keys to Strengthen your Leadership Impact & Trust Factor
    • Designing a Productive Workflow
    • The Power of Body Language
  • Communication and Marketing - Create Impactful Customer Service Experience Training

Speaking Topics

  • The Trustworthiness Factor - It's impact in your organization and personal life
  • Your Presence is Your Power - Self Branding talks to build trust and gain fans
  • Out the Cube - Lessons on embracing change within and outside corporate America
  • How to Make Love After War (Transformation and Relationship talk)

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” - Jim Rohn