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What Small Business Owners Say

“You did a great job with the class! Whenever I see other presenters, I try to watch the room to see who's doing what, who's following, nodding, etc. It was nice to see them smiling when you smiled (which is nearly all the time), following you, nodding when you did, etc. They definitely were engaged which is not always easy for a group of instructors. I commented later to our program director that I wish you taught for us! I also received very positive feedback from a few of the attendees saying they were already applying your techniques in their own classes. Thank you again.”

 John Greer Founder of Gold Coast Schools - 2016

"Thank you for the awesome presentation you gave for Meeting Like Minded People at Books and Books (Arsht Center location) on October 30th, 2015.  Everyone loved you as a presenter and found your presentation"The Power of Body Language in Dating"to be informative and entertaining. 

Your knowledge about the subject matter and your enthusiasm was evident during your presentation...You have a unique and engaging ability to convey your message, which makes it easy and pleasurable to follow.  Additionally, the practical concepts and tools you provided were extremely insightful; and easy to be remembered and applied in the context of real life.    

It was also a great pleasure working with you from a professional standpoint, and again the knowledge, information, and enthusiasm you shared really had an impact—leaving our attendees begging for more." - 

Nubia Santos, MS. M.Ed, LMHC, CST - 2015

"The event impacted our students positively by making them more aware of the importance of body language and how it can increase levels of confidence and impacts how one is seen by others. This is very important for our students who will be seeking jobs, careers, and other professional opportunities soon."   - Luis Gonzales Academic Director EF International Language Center

It provided me with helpful strategies that will enhance my interpersonal skills.  As for the students at EF, I feel the training will allow them to incorporate body language along with their spoken communication.  This is crucial for them. - Arturo Weiss Academic Director EF International Language Center - 2015