In the last video and blog post, I explained that caring for ourselves is more than just taking time for an activity to do that supports our wellbeing.  Today we will begin to explore possible ways to tune into our self a bit.

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How are you tuning in to yourself needs? What is your body indicating as a need of yours is at this time? Think of that for a moment.  Our bodies communicate to us when things aren’t well. For example, you begin sneezing and when you don’t address that then you begin to get a sore throat.  Meanwhile our thinking minds have us running around pushing forward and thinking of the next thing to do until all of a sudden, we begin to experience a fever.  Your body has just increased the volume and said listen to me.... Has that ever happened to you?

There’s a quote that I’ve read from several sources that says “Drop down 10-inches from your head and into your heart.” What do you need to move 10-inches down from thinking of the environment and checking in to your heart, your body? When you take 10-seconds to drop-down 10 inches, what is your body asking of you? What area is calling for your attention? Is it your stomach? Is it your head? If so, is it food, water, fresh air that you need? Is it a conversation with someone that’s pending?

I recall that there was a moment when I felt unheard.  I was frustrated repeating the same thing over and over again.  Imagine, how this may feel for our bodies and minds that are constantly communicating a need.   How well are we listening today? How well are dropping down 10-inches from the head?

Take a moment to reflect. In the different areas of your life mentioned below, what cues are being communicated to you (indirectly or directly) that needs some of your attention?

Physical | Mental | Career | Productivity | Lifestyle/Wealth | Leadership/Impact | Relationships

In what way can you take a small step towards addressing that need? Is it something urgent and important? Is it important but not urgent, and is it something you can ask for help with?

Feel free to share your thoughts and how well you’re tuning in!

Best wishes,

Virginia Jimenez

Wellness Ambassador @4SocialChange


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