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Here’s the story I thrived through that inspired the work as a coach and healing partner in your life…

Before finishing high school I was dead-set on becoming a self sufficient adult; so I pursued working an internship at a mortgage company and was a sales person while attending my  final years in high-school. Eventually I signed up for college and worked to pay for school.  I had envisioned purchasing property and starting a family at age 23 with someone I loved, and despite not being done with college at that time, I did it.  I had set out to complete my bachelors degree from FIU in Business Administration with the thought that despite starting a family midway through school, I would finish what I started, and I did it.  I set out to grow my career path in business, boldly, and I did it.  

But what I didn’t plan on was what life and love had in store for me after those great achievements.  One afternoon in February of 2009, just a month after returning to work from maternity leave after having my second son, I found out that my former partner had an affair with my long-time friend.  All of a sudden parts of me and my beliefs of love, relationships, friendships and connection seemed to evaporate and die.  I had never set out to lack trust in others, to have a hard time getting back into new relationships, or to feel disconnected and lost from myself, but there it was.  Life throwing a curveball in my face. I didn’t understand then and I asked myself all the questions that began with why.  My mind replayed the pain over and over again many days.  My self-esteem suffered and I built up emotional barriors as I feared looking like a fool ever again.  I felt that a part of me was shattered, and I found myself numb to the idea of emotional connection.  

In the midst of dealing with my feelings, I had to find ways to stay focused on my responsibilities for my family’s sake. After a year and half of a lot of back and forth with my then-partner trying to figure out if we could salvage this relationship for the sake of the kids, there was a day when my oldest son, at age 5, looked up at me and with a wisest 5-year old voice said to me “Mami, you’re not happy.”  Something awoke inside me, and a solid decision was born to nurture my soul, my spirit and my mind, because all I wanted was to raise happy children in a happy home, and I could only do that if we, their parents, were happy. I wanted them to have healthier emotional examples.

While what caused this life circumstance to happen may have been out of my control, my healing was totally in my hands.  This ending was the beginning of my transformational journey. At the beginning of the healing process I found myself feeling alone, which is a bit hard because I did have people in my life that I felt loved me. I have a huge family and a good handful of friends, but speaking to friends was a way to vent, not always the source of healing, and not because friends don’t have great intentions.  It was not an experience they could provide guidance on. So I sought the support of professionals from a sex and relationship therapist to family counselors, and, again, it felt that the advice received still couldn’t provide the empathy, nurturing support for me to create my healing path.  It also felt rushed and only grazing the surface issues.

So I started to create my own path for healing by doing the work beginning with clarifying my power as a woman, a mom, and a business person.  My exploration to this healing path began with attending many types of healing gatherings, personal development events, several group seminars, individual coaching for over 18 months, workshops, read different types of books and obtaining certifications. I became part of a spiritual community that also was a source for healing.  I carved a road map of healing for myself that began with reconnecting with the core of my being. 

From 2012 to now, I spent time discovering, transforming, evolving and taking actions. It was quite the process because there was pain associated with the thought of trusting someone else again, but I leaned into the discomfort. I learned by facing fears, and in each win of facing my fears, and redefining my healing and growth path, my strength and mental fortitude emboldened.  I gained the courage to open up again to relationships and began to trust myself better than before feeling freer and compassionate in my journey in loving and trusting once again. Not only did my work and growth help me in relationships, but it got me out of my comfort zone to become an entrepreneur which was always a childhood dream of mine.

Facing my fears seemed to be an example to others to also face there’s. I’ve taken my experience, spiritual growth, and my belief that the circumstances we experience in life do not have to define us and transformed my healing journey to be more about facilitating the process of healing for others.  I launched a small monthly meet-up called Healing Hearts in Miami to help people have a place to feel heard, and, if they choose to, explore ways of moving forward.  As a coach I’ve supported some of the daring ones that are open to co-creating their possibility in healing, and moving forward with more love and trust in their lives. My form of coaching others has helped others gain clarity, discern there steps, and work from their highest energetic essence. I’ve had the opportunity of creating a program and facilitating a group coaching experience for employees in an organization to have unity, trust and connectedness with colleagues and clients.

The past was once riddled with pain, sorrow, anxiety and distrust, but the journey has been fruitful.  It’s led to strength, support and transformation for myself and for others in there journey of healing and growing.  Growing in such a way that I can be a great example to my boys as they see my ability to maintain positive communications with people that once hurt me without allowing the past to trigger me.  Growth in seeing the spiritual purpose and opportunity. Strength in making strong agreements for myself and God that I vow to uphold.  It’s led to this work in serving in programs such as Unity, Trust and Connectedness in organizations, and Love Camp 2.0, as well as 1:1 coaching of courageous individuals ready to go deep and take things to the next level for themselves.  I’m grateful to the journey that’s led to this space of serving you.

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Certifications and Schools of Thoughts Participations over the Years

2007 - Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance from Florida International University (2007)
2008 - Landmark Forum Graduate
2009 - Landmark Excellence in the Zone
2010 - VP of Education Toastmasters
2012 - Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Graduate and Fire-walker
2015 - Certified Body Language/Non-verbal communication Coach/Trainer via Science of People
2015 - Participant in Robbin-Madanes Strategic Intervention Training
2016 - Completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy
2016 - Verified member Gottman Relationship Checkup
2017 - Two-time Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Graduate and Fire-walker

2018 - Landmark Access to Power Communication Course Completed

2018 - Deep Coaching Intensive Training Completed

[Tentative Certification] Deep Coaching Certification