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Glimpse of Coaching Services

for professionals, small business owners, their employees & solo-entrepreneurs. 

Wellness & Employee Supportive Programs

Let's connect to create a solution-based training and coaching program specifically designed for your team. 

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Featured video intro training on Networking and branding around Trust.

Recruiting Services

The most important resource in your business are your employees, and finding the ones that desire growth and will meet the needs of your team and company mission is crucial to our ability to use energy and time effectively.  Let myself and my partners at Brickell Personnel Consultants support your recruiting needs. 


Transformational Coaching

Uncover blind spots that hold you from taking the actions to create lasting change in your life, professionally and personally.


For the last 20 years, I’ve been focused on helping organizations, business owners and individuals overcome obstacles, create new opportunities and shift perspectives to arrive to the ultimate outcome desired.  I'm committed to my mission of inspiring change, growth and transformation in the areas of business development, interpersonal growth, personal relationships, and financial wellbeing. 

I hold a bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance from Florida International University (2007). I am a Landmark Forum graduate, two-time Tony Robbins UPW graduate and fire walker. I’m a certified Body Language Coach. I participated in Robbin-Maddens Strategic Intervention and Gottman Relationship Training Level 1. I have a combined of over 15 years in managing projects, business endeavors and leading teams and helping decision makers explore new ways of doing business, and helping individuals that feel uncertain gain clarity and strategic methods to improving their relationships and more.

Join me in towards making a move towards powerful and prosperous life choices, mental freedom and intentional action.