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Virginia Inspires healing and empowerment through 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and wellness seminar series that shift people’s state of being. For someone with an overload of anxiety around work, life or LOVE to find EASE, to overcome the loss of a relationship to open up confidently and with more self-trust to new possibilities in love and life.


One-to-One Coaching

Clients I’ve served are intelligent, goal-oriented women who find themselves battling anxiety, overwhelm, unhappy and unsure the next step. With coaching I’ve helped women see the blocks and they’ve become empowered to transform them. The best successes have been with clients that commit to at the very least 6 months of work.

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Group Coaching for Women

Have you wanted to connect with other women who are experiencing similar feelings of uncertainty and desiring to feel connected, and gain clarity through coaching in a group? This 6-month program, which includes an in-person/online experience is to access and transform parts of you that need extra lightness and clarity.

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Love Camp Seminar Series

Mindfulness and self-awareness is at the core of success amongst office relationships and productivity. I’ve provided trainings to organizations to inspire unity, trust and connectedness, and more. Find out more of what trainings are available and can be curated to fit your team

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“Virginia is like a breath of fresh air mixed with deep wisdom and understanding. My coaching sessions with her were extremely helpful as I was feeling pretty stuck and needed support to move some blocks, creatively as well as in relationships.

She has an amazing ability to help you think outside the box of your own limitations and get clear about what you truly want.” - Christina Pearce Mindfulness Expert


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About Virginia…

Virginia Jimenez is a Transformational Love Coach and Speaker. Her career in speaking, coaching and training was birthed after experiencing a double betrayal from two important people in her life that left her in a void in 2009. This same experience while being a single mother of two became the inspiration to empowering others. She provides transformational coaching and wellness training helping clients experience more peace, reduced anxiety, and increased productivity in life from a mind, body and soulful approach. Her work has extended to serve businesses and municipalities by providing professional training and group coaching to improve communication, inspire connectedness, unity and trust. She’s an FIU Alumni with a Bachelors of Business Administration, has participated in several coaching modalities, from Robbin Maddenes, Gottman Therapy, Landmark Education, the Science of People and Deep Transformational Coaching. She’s the creator and facilitator of Healing Hearts in Miami, a monthly support group for individuals healing after heartbreak. She’s also a Lagree fitness instructor. Transformation is more than talk for Virginia, it’s a way of life. Her mission is to support women and men in moving past obstacles with grace and boldness in creating a life with more joy and fulfillment.

Guest Speaker at these Events

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Nerd Nite 2017

Talk on Trust vs. Trustworthiness after Betrayal

Modern Love in Miami Panel Discussion

Hosted by WEAM and New Tropics Miami Feb. 2019